API documentation

bolts.experimental.refraction This module helps building functions from other functions.
bolts.experimental.signatures Provides utilites that allow you to enforce signatures - a specification for a structure
bolts.traits.functions Traits that can query information about functions
bolts.traits.has Traits that tell you if one thing has another thing
bolts.traits.symbols Traits about symbols
bolts.traits.types Traits that can query type information about stuff.
bolts.experimental Contains experimental features - these can break *anytime*
bolts.from Lazy import symbols
bolts.iz Iz is is - reason for choosing iz is because is is a keyword. Answers the qustions "is this 'thing' ___ ?"
bolts.members Provides compile time utilities that can query a type's members
bolts.meta Provides meta utilities that can modify types
bolts.range Static introspection utilties for ranges
bolts.traits Provides utilites that allow you to determine type traits
bolts Contains a number of static reflection utilties that query compile time entities (traits) or transform them (meta). General utilties are in the modules traits and meta and most specific ones are in dedicated modules (i.e. bolts.members provides utilities over a type's members).