Module bolts.traits.symbols

Traits about symbols


PropertySemantics Represents the semantics supported by an @property member
ProtectionLevel Lists the various protection levels that can be applied on types

Manifest constants

isLiteral Checks if an alias is a literal
isLiteralOf Checks if an alias is a literal of some type
isManifestAssignable Returns true if the argument is a manifest constant, built-in type field, or immutable static
isOf Checks if the resolved type of one thing is the same as the resolved type of another thing.
isProperty Tells you if a symbol is an @property
isRefDecl True if it's a ref decleration. This applies to parameters and functions
isSame Returns true if a and b are the same thing, or false if not. Both a and b can be types, literals, or symbols.
propertySemantics Tells you what property semantics a symbol has
protectionLevel Check if the access level of any symbol


TypesOf AliasSeq!(T,TypesOf!(Symbols[1..__dollar])) Returns the types of all values given.