Module bolts.meta

Provides meta utilities that can modify types


AliasPack Same as an AliasSeq that does not auto expand.


FilterMembersOf Filter!(ApplyLeft!(Fn,ResolvedType),__traits(allMembers,ResolvedType)) Filters all the members of a type based on a provided predicate
Flatten Flatten!(Head.UnpackDeep,Flatten!Tail) Flattens a list of types to their ElementType or in the case of an AliasPack it's .UnpackDeep
Pluck AliasPack!() Extract the elements of an AliasPack at given positions.
RemoveAttributes SetFunctionAttributes!(U,functionLinkage!U,FunctionAttribute.none) Removes all the attributes from compile-time entity that is given as the only argument
Zip AliasPack!() Zips sequences of AliasPacks together into an AliasPack of AliasPacks.