Enum member isSame

Returns true if a and b are the same thing, or false if not. Both a and b can be types, literals, or symbols.

enum isSame(ab...) = is(ab[0] == ab[1]);

  • If both are types: is(a == b)
  • If both are literals: a == b
  • Else: __traits(isSame, a, b)
  • Example

    static assert( isSame!(int, int));
    static assert(!isSame!(int, short));
    enum a = 1, b = 1, c = 2, s = "a", t = "a";
    static assert( isSame!(1, 1));
    static assert( isSame!(a, 1));
    static assert( isSame!(a, b));
    static assert(!isSame!(b, c));
    static assert( isSame!("a", "a"));
    static assert( isSame!(s, "a"));
    static assert( isSame!(s, t));
    static assert(!isSame!(s, "g"));
    static assert(!isSame!(1, "1"));
    static assert(!isSame!(a, "a"));
    static assert( isSame!(isSame, isSame));
    static assert(!isSame!(isSame, a));
    static assert(!isSame!(byte, a));
    static assert(!isSame!(short, isSame));
    static assert(!isSame!(a, int));
    static assert(!isSame!(long, isSame));
    static immutable X = 1, Y = 1, Z = 2;
    static assert( isSame!(X, X));
    static assert(!isSame!(X, Y));
    static assert(!isSame!(Y, Z));
    int  foo();
    int  bar();
    real baz(int);
    static assert( isSame!(foo, foo));
    static assert(!isSame!(foo, bar));
    static assert(!isSame!(bar, baz));
    static assert( isSame!(baz, baz));
    static assert(!isSame!(foo, 0));
    int  x, y;
    real z;
    static assert( isSame!(x, x));
    static assert(!isSame!(x, y));
    static assert(!isSame!(y, z));
    static assert( isSame!(z, z));
    static assert(!isSame!(x, 0));